RUSTIC ROMANCE From the Glam Barn to the Wonders of the Woods

If you’re into the outdoors and have an eclectic personal style, rustic weddings are defiantly for you. Rustic weddings have a range of styles that can by stylish, feminine and gorgeous without a doubt. From outdoors weddings in the majestic woods, to beautiful barn weddings with grand chandeliers, rustic weddings are really about your style, colors and personality. For brides who are truly into DIY, there are many fantastic details that are just for you.  My favorite, long butcher-block like oversized tables, and long family style dining is perfect for this style.







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CHILL OUT {Gourmet Popsicles – A hot trend for Summer weddings & events}

It seems like every year around this time I find myself blogging about popsicles for weddings and events. I am a huge popsicle lover and yes, a bit obssesed about their trend. Just like shoe fanatics there are also popsicle fanatics. OK, I may be on my own on this one, but still — there is a trend and I love to see how it changes from year to year. Last year it was all about the colorful ice cream layers a bit more on the heavier side. To all my popsicle lovers, couture  popsicles are the it thing!

Last year Event Pros LA produced a July 1st wedding for Tal & Hadas and ordered 300 popsicles from my friends at The Pop Shop who’s popsicles are 100% natural, guilt-free indulgence. Handmade with organic sugar and seasonal farmers’ market produce and have no high-fructose corn syrup. You can’t go wrong.

I was right. The trend shifted 100% to organic, natural, home made style gourmet popsicles this Summer and they are a great hit. For those who are not looking to make their own popsicles for their weddings (not recommended at all), I suggest you contract The Pop Shop. They will deliver your popsicles in a variety of flavors (watermelon is amazing) in ice chests with dry ice. They also offer ice cream cart service for those interested.

For more on weddings, popsicles and ice cream, check out my  “Cool Ideas” Blog at Gardens of Paradise from June 2011.


GOT MILK? {Fabulous Moments Photo Shoot}

I love fabulous photo shoots and this one really scores high on the fabulous moments scale! This sweet and pretty photo shoot — oh! did I mention there are cookies involved?  Inspired by the idea of milk and cookies, the ladies behind  Love and Lavendar set out to create a farm fresh, rustic spread incorporating tons of tasty treats and we are loving the outcome. Be sure to head over to the gallery for even more of this lovely shoot captured to sweet perfection by Jonda Spurbeck.


Jonda Spurbeck   Love & Lavendar ,  Style Me Pretty 

HEY YOU! Save-the-Date

I am constantly challenged by brides and grooms to come up with unique ideas for things that come with wedding planning that are — well, not so unique. Not to offend anyone, but being creative with a Save-the-Date is not always as simple as one might think.  I’ve looked  to some of my favorite hang out cyber spots and was acutally surprised by some of the Save-the-Dates that I found. Kudos to the creativty below.  We would love to know which one is your favorite! Let us know.

Until the next time —- Be Inspired. Stay Fabulous.




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Fun Filled Jars {Stuff To Do with Mason Jars}


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Spring Sorbet {Wedding Inspiration Board}

I love Spring! There are so many color options to choose from that sometimes the toughest decision for my brides to make is the color palate of their wedding. Working through some colors with a bride for a July wedding, I came up with this color palate for her. How much fun and yummy is this? Stay Fabulous. Be Inspired


Spring Inspiration Board {Orange Delight}

Living in Los Angeles, I am one of those lucky ones who gets a glimpse of Spring, my favorite time of the year a bit early. Since many of us still have gray skies and a lot of snow on the ground, how about a little springtime inspiration on this  wintry day.

This vibrant and attention-commanding spring wedding color palette reminds us of warmer days and the loveliness of the spring season. Beautiful hues of bright colors, bold statements and mixing of colors is what weddings is all about. One of my favorite colors by far is orange. Although this color is also great for the fall season, there is nothing more fun that the vibrant hues of orange, tangerine, peaches and creams to bring the true feeling of the spring season. What is your favorite Spring color palate?


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A BOLD STATEMENT {Black+White Stripes}

It’s been a minute since my last blog as I’ve been keeping myself busy and out of trouble. Still, in my free time that is non-existent today, I still love to see what people dare and how edgy people go in order to create statements with colors, themes and patterns. I loved the bold statement of black and white stripes and from the round-up I put together, it actually works. What do you think?





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2011 Thoughts & Fav’s {A Year in a Life of an Event Planner}

I’ve always wondered what is the best way to start an “end of the year” blog post and what exactly do you say?  I recall a few months ago I couldn’t wait for 2011 to go away. It was not shaping up to end on a high note.

I had dinner with my beautiful, insightful and talented friend Sigi Farkash (owner of Design by SIG) who bluntly and clearly said to me. “Your diamond is right in front of you. sometimes you just need to dig deeper  and invest more effort to see it and hold it in your hand.” She had some other descriptives which we will not go into, but the point is — she was right.

So after that evening, I had that conversation twirling in my mind for a few weeks which lead me to think about what I would like to be doing in 2012?  And than that call came. So I am ending my 2011 on a very high note as I joined the Israeli Leadership Council (ILC) family in the past two weeks to oversee  and manage a huge event “Celebrate Israel” – A community-wide event celebrating Israel’s 64th Independence Day which you will hear about from me in various forms in the next 4 months. I am humbled and honored to be in the presence of such an amazing group of people. Truly.

So 2011 —- I had a great year, and enjoyed being a wedding planner for so many happy couples. I’ve learned that not all amazing weddings have to be in Los Angeles! I actually knew that — but really enjoyed being a part of Gladys & Peter’s wedding in Temecula. It was so romantic and just — perfect.

I have so many unforgetable moments from this year, it’s hard to summerize it in words… but I’ve been told that photos help to do so many times. Below are some (but not all) of the events that I take with me this year as the most memorable ones.

I am thankful for all that I do, greatful to my family and friends that love me and are always there for me. Althought 2011 is ending on a high point, honestly goodbye 2011 and hello 2012. Can’t wait to see what this years has to offer. BRING IT ON.

Fabulous Moments – {Event Pros LA}


Thank you to Piece by Piece Cinematography  for their amazing work and catching fabulous moments at Event Pros LA weddings!

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