Green Apple Inspired Wedding

It was a perfect day for a beautiful wedding on March 7. Event Pros LA had such a great time coordinating and designing this wedding! It had all the elements and touches that really made the guests remember the small details of the wedding.  To start, Event Pros LA used green apples to emphasize both color and environmentally friendly design that was both fresh and bio-digratable.  The green apples were used for the guest table seating cards.

Continuing on with the theme, The team at Event Pros LA selected center pieces to fit the mood which included raw wood boxes filled with grasswheat center peices and Cymbidium Orchids, some small manzanita trees with white roses, and other center pieces that included locally grown white roses and and Cymbidium Orchids which tied into the “green” theme and green apples.  We worked in a very clean lines of white linen and bamboo chairs to add to the atmosphere. If you ask the team at Event Pros LA “what is the one thing they love about weddings?” it’s for sure being a creative team that can create eco-friendly weddings and use locally grown products.

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