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 The blue has been connected to weddings for centuries. In ancient Rome, brides wore blue to symbolize love, modesty, and fidelity. Christianity has long dressed the Virgin Mary in blue, so purity was associated with the color. Before the late 19th century, blue was a popular color for wedding gowns as evidenced in proverbs like, “Marry in blue, lover be true.”

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la wedding planner

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GOT MILK? {Fabulous Moments Photo Shoot}

I love fabulous photo shoots and this one really scores high on the fabulous moments scale! This sweet and pretty photo shoot — oh! did I mention there are cookies involved?  Inspired by the idea of milk and cookies, the ladies behind  Love and Lavendar set out to create a farm fresh, rustic spread incorporating tons of tasty treats and we are loving the outcome. Be sure to head over to the gallery for even more of this lovely shoot captured to sweet perfection by Jonda Spurbeck.


Jonda Spurbeck   Love & Lavendar ,  Style Me Pretty 

Vintage Door Wedding Decor

Vintage doors are a fantastic way to add rustic charm and a vintage twist to your wedding. Using old doors is not only really simple, there are so many different uses too: backdrops for your wedding table and altar, used as table tops, as boards to add pictures to, or even use them as actual doors to enter your ceremony through.

Old Door as Picture Board – Onewed, Photograph by Alisha + Brook Photography
Entrance Door to Wedding Ceremony – Photograph by W. Scott Chester 
Altar Backdrop of Doors – Style Me Pretty
Wedding Escort Cards on a Door – Once Wed, Photograph by Kirsten Ellis of Beaux Arts Photographie
Door Backdrop – Knotty Bride
Word Bunting Strung Between Doors – Style Me Pretty, Photograph by Jason and Anna Photography
Old Door Table Top – Lovely Clusters


Couture By Lottie

Real Weddings {Rosie & Daniel}

It’s All About the Shoes {Top 5 Wedding Shoe Trends by Event Pros LA}


As Carrie Bradshaw once said on Sex and the City ““It’s really hard to walk in a single woman’s shoes — that’s why you sometimes need really special shoes!”.

 Having said that, I am big on fun wedding trends one to votes for fun, colorful, out of the ordinary shoes for weddings. It ads that extra sassy,  fun feel to your wedding and really puts the “you” touch on your day. One thing for sure, your photographer will appreciate the great photo opportunities for sure.

Below are the top 5 wedding shoes trends by Event Pros LA.

Wedding Shoe Trend #1 :: Bright Heels

Brides have been wearing blue colored shoes for several seasons now as their “something blue.” The current hot trend is go further and choose bright colors such as hot pink, yellow, orange, aqua and red to add some flare under all that white toule.


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Wedding Shoe Trend #2 :: Sandals


As destination weddings such as Mexico, Hawaii, Fiji and the Bahamas  become more popular, many brides will take their vows on a sandy beach. Have you ever tried wearing your expensive stiletto heels on the beach? Yeah, it’s not a pretty site and quite impossible. For brides not wanting to walk barefoot, unique sandals with colored stones and embellishments make a great alternative and allow you to indulge in the perfect shoe.

Wedding Shoe Trend #3 :: Vintage Style

As old has become the new “new” for wedding trends along with vintage weddings,  so have vintage shoes and vintage-inspired shoes.  Walking down the aisle in vintage dresses is great, but in order to carry off this classy look, most modern styles just won’t work. 

Wedding Shoe Trend #4 :: Designer Shoes


Why dream when you can have? What better time to splurge on a pair of designer shoes than on the most memorable day of your life? Many brides are looking to top designers when shopping for their wedding shoes. Your shoes will be photographed so many times on your wedding day, it’s worth it to find a pair worth showing off. And, you’ll have a fantastic pair of shoes to wear after the wedding as well.

 Wedding Shoe Trend #5 :: Embellished Shoes


Another popular wedding trend this season is embellished shoes. Anything from feathers, jewels and flowers that are spunky are still sassy and classy. Show off those awesome shoes down the aisle. These are shoes that you will for sure wear after your wedding day.

  Photo Credits:  Emin Kuliyev, Christi Nelson, Jill Gordon,Jacquelyn Phillips

Purple Weddings – {Inspiration Board By Event Pros LA}

Real Wedding: Amanda Liam’s Treehouse Wedding

Amanda Liam met in 8th grade. They were joined by a small gathering of family and friends from Austin, TX to enjoy an overnight celebration among the trees,

via Real Wedding: Amanda Liam’s Treehouse Wedding.

HOT Summer Trends {An Update by Event Pros LA}

We all think of ourselves as “In the Know” regardless of what the topic may be. We want to have the newest thing, the hottest trend, the right fashion “it” color and of course when it comes to your wedding, we all must know what are the  trends regardless of the season.

Here I am, to help you out and give you a quick recap and what’s the moment’s  HOT Summer wedding trends.

Trend #1  – Bright Hues              

A fun way to celebrate your day, but be careful of not using too many colors in one space and ending up with a carnival

Super Hot:  Go with sophisticated bright colors and stick to two hues (and one accent). Make strong statements with your color. Think all pink centerpieces with bold orange table linens. The boldness should be stated especially in your centerpieces. Stay away from multi color arrangement and make a statement with a single color center piece that will pull this look together with little effort.

Trend #2 – New Themes

Going back to the basics — beach or garden thesmes are one of the hot summer trands. This allows for a more personal feel to your wedding.

Super Hot: Think of your  honeymoon destination. If you’re having a garden wedding but honeymooning in Hawaii, add orchids to your bouquets or fill the bottoms of your centerpiece vases with black lava rocks.

Trend #3:Surprising Invitations

Letterpressed invites in ivory and black are still as popular and elegant as ever. But if you want to go for something a little more edgy, surprising and ultra-creative wedding invitation — go for fun color printing options.

Super Hot: Use colors in a new and unexpected way on your invites by reversing the typical invitation color scheme.  rather than using fuchsia lettering on a cream-colored invite, opt for cream print on fuchsia paper.  Or mix it up — do the cream-colored invite with fuchsia writing, and then a bright pink reply card with a cream-colored font.

Trend #4 – Eco-Friendly, Natural Centerpieces

Citrus fruit is a tried-and-true favorite for summertime centerpieces as well as my favorite (see my previsous blogs ), but if this is not for you, other options out there are more unexpected and just as visually appealing.

What’s hot now: Use hollowed-out watermelons as a centerpiece container for a casual look that’s fun and seasonal. Another option is to go natural and green with your containers. Incorporate wooden vases or pedestals with grass or moss to give centerpieces a textured, natural feel.

Trend #5 – Beyond Wedding Cake

White wedding cakes are popular for every season, but with bakers offering so many delectable flavors and fillings, why not try a seasonal selection?

Super Hot: Get inspired by the summer flavors you loved as a child. Think fresh strawberries and whipped cream filling for a strawberry shortcake-style wedding cake, or a citrus-infused filling like Key lime, lemon, or orange vanilla buttercream that honors a summertime fruit. A big-hit idea that I  love: Hire an ice cream truck to arrive at the end of the night offering summertime favorites — the perfect nostalgic, late-night snack for your guests.

Trend 7: Eco-Friendly Favors

Classic summer favors like flip-flops  will always satisfy, but why not give back to the planet? After all, she has done a lot for us.

Super Hot: Eco-friendly favors are bigger than ever. One idea: Give guests locally grown herbs planted in recyclable glass jars or tin cans. Dressed up with ribbon or paper in your wedding colors, they’re gorgeous and good for the earth. Beyond plants, you might also consider donating to a local charity for a wedding favor idea that never goes out of season.

Summer Inspired Weddings

When we think of Summer, we think of bright, fun colors that make us smile. For those Summer brides who love the colors that come with the season, why not try some fresh lemons into your wedding pallet?

In a rescent wedding Event Pros produced, we went crazy for lemons and used it creativly in decor, center pieces, and accents to tie in the Summer theme into all aspects of the wedding.

Something New, Something Green – Eco-Friendly Wedding Ideas

green weddings, green centerpieces, inspiration boards

By now it is apparent to most of the human race that anything-eco-friendly  has become a major part of the fabric of the American way, including weddings. The trend has increased and more and more couples taking steps to incorporate eco-friendly ideas into their ceremonies and receptions.

Going with an eco-inspired wedding can mean bringing the outside in. Choosing  to using things like branches, greenery, grasswheat, stones, seashells or leaves as wedding décor is the way to go.

 These options are economical and simple not to mention biodegradable! When using this type of decor, as a couple you are making a statement to your guests that will for sure stay in their memory as part of your wedding.

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