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Back To Nature – Saddle Rock Ranch Outdoor Weddings

Always looking for fabulous wedding locations for wedding receptions and ceremonies, I have to say that one of Event Pros LA’s venues is Saddle Rock Ranch in Malibu. It has all the perfect elements that one could ask for. Beautiful views, the outdoors surrounding you, vinyards and animals roaming (camels, zebras, horses and more), and multiple locations for a bride and groom to choose from.

One of my clients rescently described to me what her dream outdoors wedding and outdoors reception would look like.  “A garden setting in nature with lush breathtaking views.” Right away I thought of Saddle Rock Ranch.  What I love most about this amazing outdoors wedding is the smaller site on the property, Chateau Le Dome which is located on a hilltop  in the middle of the vineyards. The Chateau is an octagonal stone house, set on a manicured lawn large enough for a ceremony and reception.From this vantage, there is a  panoramic view of the surrounding vineyards, hilltops and just overall an amazing view. The winding trail to the edge of the ceremony lawn  is entwined with grapevines and white roses. Makes you want to sell your house and move there forever!

Also a must…check out  Real Wedding: Lauren + Jeff’s Whimsical Fun Wedding at Saddle Rock Ranch  from one of my favorite blogs  Green Wedding Shoes

Something Blue {An Inspiration Board by Event Pros}

Years ago, brides were using small sashes and ribbons to accent their whole white wedding which was thought of as unique and creative. Today, brides are using an array of hues to cover every inch of their wedding, to bring out their personality in their decor, flowers, dresses and shoes.

For the past several seasons, brides have been wearing blue shoes and really getting creative with blue details throughout their wedding reception. Below is an inspiration board by Event Pros LA to help our brides that love the color blue and want some fabulous ideas for their upcoming wedding.

Some of our favorite weddings have been incorporating blue details such as chair cover sashes, blue shade glass cylinders in the middle of the table to give your blue wedding different blue hues and accents. Another fun idea to incorporate blue into your special day is through your bridesmaids. Why not find a stunning blue dress to accent the wedding. It can really make a bold statement!

It’s All About the Shoes {Top 5 Wedding Shoe Trends by Event Pros LA}


As Carrie Bradshaw once said on Sex and the City ““It’s really hard to walk in a single woman’s shoes — that’s why you sometimes need really special shoes!”.

 Having said that, I am big on fun wedding trends one to votes for fun, colorful, out of the ordinary shoes for weddings. It ads that extra sassy,  fun feel to your wedding and really puts the “you” touch on your day. One thing for sure, your photographer will appreciate the great photo opportunities for sure.

Below are the top 5 wedding shoes trends by Event Pros LA.

Wedding Shoe Trend #1 :: Bright Heels

Brides have been wearing blue colored shoes for several seasons now as their “something blue.” The current hot trend is go further and choose bright colors such as hot pink, yellow, orange, aqua and red to add some flare under all that white toule.


day of event coordinator Los Angeles


Wedding Shoe Trend #2 :: Sandals


As destination weddings such as Mexico, Hawaii, Fiji and the Bahamas  become more popular, many brides will take their vows on a sandy beach. Have you ever tried wearing your expensive stiletto heels on the beach? Yeah, it’s not a pretty site and quite impossible. For brides not wanting to walk barefoot, unique sandals with colored stones and embellishments make a great alternative and allow you to indulge in the perfect shoe.

Wedding Shoe Trend #3 :: Vintage Style

As old has become the new “new” for wedding trends along with vintage weddings,  so have vintage shoes and vintage-inspired shoes.  Walking down the aisle in vintage dresses is great, but in order to carry off this classy look, most modern styles just won’t work. 

Wedding Shoe Trend #4 :: Designer Shoes


Why dream when you can have? What better time to splurge on a pair of designer shoes than on the most memorable day of your life? Many brides are looking to top designers when shopping for their wedding shoes. Your shoes will be photographed so many times on your wedding day, it’s worth it to find a pair worth showing off. And, you’ll have a fantastic pair of shoes to wear after the wedding as well.

 Wedding Shoe Trend #5 :: Embellished Shoes


Another popular wedding trend this season is embellished shoes. Anything from feathers, jewels and flowers that are spunky are still sassy and classy. Show off those awesome shoes down the aisle. These are shoes that you will for sure wear after your wedding day.

  Photo Credits:  Emin Kuliyev, Christi Nelson, Jill Gordon,Jacquelyn Phillips

Purple Weddings – {Inspiration Board By Event Pros LA}

Great Decor Ideas: Wishing Tree Guest Book

Always on the look out for new creative ideas for brides, I came across this great idea reading My DIY Wedding Day Blog (yes, I read other blogs too). Money may not grow on trees, but good wishes do!  Have your guests write you little notes on hang tags and attach them to a tree branches instead of using a traditional guest book on your wedding day. After the reception, keep the tree on display at home as a decorative memento of the day, or slide off all the wishes and keep them in a glass vase. I am sure Event Pros LA will use this idea very soon! Thank you DIY Wedding Day.

    You’ll need:

  • hang tags ( has plain ones in a variety of colors)
  • ribbon
  • half a dozen tree branches ( or any from your backyard will do)
  • a tall glass vase
  • four dozen marbles

First, arrange the tree branches in the tall glass vase and stabilize them with marbles. Next, cut four inch pieces of ribbon that match your wedding color theme and thread through the hangtags. (For a twist, you can use different colored hang tags for guests of the bride and guests of the groom, if you’d like. Or, we love the custom-made silhouette hang tags from Once the guests have written wishes and notes to you on the tags, they’ll tie them onto the branches.

Image courtesy of Our Labor of Love. See more photos from Kelly and Brian’s wedding.

by Leticia Frazao


Sweet Addictions – Vintage Confections

I have to confess, I have a sweet tooth. I can control many things in my life, but my sweet tooth, well — it’s actually a monster that sometimes is in hibernation mode, but usually it takes over. Having said that, I am big on adding sweet tables, candy bars, and sweets to any and every event!

One of my favorite finds is Vintage Confections, a small company that makes vintage candy anything from hard candy lollipops and neat shapes such as the oh so popular mustache lollipop, to Rosemary Marshmallows and of course to die for truffles.

Orders are prepared with a 7-10 business day turnaround. Confections are prepared in very small batches and a very time consuming process, but for sure worth the wait. I tell you this first hand from the last wedding Event Pros had an array of lollipops for all the guests!

Savvy Secrets: Bridal Budget 101


What’s the biggest stress while planning your wedding? There is no use trying to skirt around the issue. You don’t have to be Einstein to figure it out, yep it’s your budget. Nothing can bring more stress and concern to a newly engaged couple than figuring out out how to pay for their wedding. In this ever changing economy, nothing is for certain anymore. Couples around the country struggle everyday to make ends meet. Event Pros LA wants to share with you some of the information I have found to keep the spending under control and leave you and your fiance with minimal debt after you say “I do.” (more…)

Real Wedding: Amanda Liam’s Treehouse Wedding

Amanda Liam met in 8th grade. They were joined by a small gathering of family and friends from Austin, TX to enjoy an overnight celebration among the trees,

via Real Wedding: Amanda Liam’s Treehouse Wedding.

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