CHILL OUT {Gourmet Popsicles – A hot trend for Summer weddings & events}

It seems like every year around this time I find myself blogging about popsicles for weddings and events. I am a huge popsicle lover and yes, a bit obssesed about their trend. Just like shoe fanatics there are also popsicle fanatics. OK, I may be on my own on this one, but still — there is a trend and I love to see how it changes from year to year. Last year it was all about the colorful ice cream layers a bit more on the heavier side. To all my popsicle lovers, couture  popsicles are the it thing!

Last year Event Pros LA produced a July 1st wedding for Tal & Hadas and ordered 300 popsicles from my friends at The Pop Shop who’s popsicles are 100% natural, guilt-free indulgence. Handmade with organic sugar and seasonal farmers’ market produce and have no high-fructose corn syrup. You can’t go wrong.

I was right. The trend shifted 100% to organic, natural, home made style gourmet popsicles this Summer and they are a great hit. For those who are not looking to make their own popsicles for their weddings (not recommended at all), I suggest you contract The Pop Shop. They will deliver your popsicles in a variety of flavors (watermelon is amazing) in ice chests with dry ice. They also offer ice cream cart service for those interested.

For more on weddings, popsicles and ice cream, check out my  “Cool Ideas” Blog at Gardens of Paradise from June 2011.



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