An amazing time lapse video of the 3-day production set up and event of “Celebrate Israel”, the largest Jewish happening in North America took place in Los Angeles on April 29th at Rancho Park. The community-wide event initiated by the Israeli Leadership Council brought together the entire Jewish and Israeli community with the help of 100 local Jewish organizations in Los Angeles. Event production by Event Pros LA. Video by Ronni Sikolsky

Purple Rain { Be Inspired}

Although the weather is still iffy out there, the one thing I love about the transition between January and February is the upcoming season of wedding color changes where its once again safe to consider vibrant fun colors such as pink, aqua, plum, purple, and hues of those fun springs colors we all love. I was inspired by a friends at The Perfect Palette and decided to put together some fun color palettes together from past events so you start thinking about the Spring and Summer weddings that will be here faster than you can say “I Do.” Stay fabulous, be Inspired.

purple weddings


Stephanie Williams Photography   The Wedding Wire, The Knot,  The Perfect Palate, Martha Stewart Weddings, The Cupcake Blog, Wedding Bee, SLS Hotel 

Rainy Day Weddings

rainy weddings with umbrellas

With Winter in full swing, we got inspired by our friend Couture Events By Lottie. Love, Love, Love the umbrellas. So Fabulous.

“It’s cold and wet out there and I’m not complaining!  I’m a big fan of the rain, particularly when I can be safe at home enjoying it.  Rain on the wedding day?  Not always the best thing, but it sure makes for some great photo ops! ”

winter wedding ideas

bride with umbrella

bride with umbrella

winter wedding

winter wedding

{Those Who Inspire Us}
Michele M. Waite via GWS
Ever After Visuals
Romine Weddings via Inspired by This
Steven Meyers Photography via Once Wed
Our Labor of Love
Love the bride’s cute sweater …Braedon Photography

A Pink-A-Licious Bat Mitzvah

I had the privilage and pleasure of orchestrating a Bat Mitzvah – the Jewish coming of age ritual in October for Dalia Vered, a special girl who comes from a family who is close to my heart and I admire on many levels. The desire of the parents was to have a happy occassion for the family and close friends, but not to have an “over the top” extravagant event with big stuff to get attention and even accolades from. It was about celebrating their daughter’s Bat Mitzvah and it was to be all about her and her happiness.

The color of choice was hot pink. The pinkest of it all was the candy bar that was exclusively designed by Event Pros LA for this event. A mixture of vintage candy, lollypops, rock candy and personalized candy bags and a 75 food hot pink carpet with “Dalia” embossed in glitter by The Original Runner Company who did a fabulous job.

Kosher catering was by La Gondola who out do themselves each event. This time Nir created several stations doing the cocktail hour which included mini bite-size appetizers beautifully displayed in bite-size dishes along with a taco station and passed hors d’evours. The idea of the stations flowed into dinner as well with multiple stations for guests to choose from. The highlight of the evening was the beautiful sweet table which included chocolate dipped apples with non other than hot pink sprinkles.

Hot pink satin rose linens were used on all the tables. Center pieces designed by Funtasia were made to look like mock dancers with tulle dresses and body made of pink flowers on each table. Even the gift box was made to look like a dancer. The dance floor was a round white dance floor with “Dalia” decal in hot pink. The Bat Mitzvah girl made her grand entrance with a professional crew of hip-hop dancers Andre Perez of So and Ashley

Me and the beautiful Bat Mitzvah girl Dalia Vered.

{Those Who Inspire Us}

Venue: Taglyan Cultural Complex

Catering: La Gondola Catering (Glatt Koser)

Photography: Ronni Sikolsky

Videography: Echo Produtions

Magician: Rob Rasner

Vendors: Hollywood  Photo Booth, 3D Cheeze, Glimmer Body Art

Rentals: CMC Part Rent

Hanukkah Done Right

Looking for some inspiration and trends for Hanukkah 2011 and don’t know where to start? Look no more. Event Pros LA has done all the work for you and this year we are here to make sure your Hanukkah is done right. Yes, it’s tempting to go back to Walmart and purchase that silver and blue foiled something or other like you did last year, but with a bit of creativity on your end and inspiration from us, you will be on your way to having the most fab Hanukkah this side of town.


Get creative and Do It Yourself this season. Our top pick for sure is the silver manzanita branch menorah sprayed shimmering silver and trimmed with candles by Martha Stewart. Click here for step by step on how to create your own!

Courtesy of aluminum sheets from in place of vellum. Manzanita branches are from Candle clips are from Glitter and glue pens are from Martha Stewart Crafts.

 courtesy of photo johnny miller


A coating of fine glitter turns plain wooden dreidels into a display-worthy centerpiece.
1. Holding each dreidel by its handle, brush all but 1 side with clear drying white glue.

2. Sprinkle with glitter, and let dreidel rest on plain side. Once dry, glue and glitter plain side of dreidel and handle; let dry.

3. Arrange dreidels in large glass containers.

Dreidel Gift-Card Holder How-To
There are two variations of this card. To start, download the template, enlarging as desired. Trace twice onto card stock (include dotted line), and cut out. For front-pocket card:

Lightly brush 1 dreidel with clear-drying white glue. Sprinkle with glitter; let dry. With a craft knife, cut a slit along dotted line. Brush glue onto edges of second dreidel.

Top with glittered dreidel; let dry. For pocket card: Stack 2 dreidels. Sew edges together, leaving top open. Lightly brush 1 side with clear-drying white glue. Sprinkle with glitter; let dry.


I made it out of… marshmallows. No one will say no to these treats. For an easy spin on the Hanukkah top, whip up these fun, kid-friendly treats.

Click here for Recipe and Directions

Eating fried foods is, of course, one of Hanukkah’s delicious traditions. Sufganiyot, or jelly doughnuts, can be given out as party favors when arranged in cupcake liners and packaged in cellophane bags. Click here for glittered jelly doughnuts recipe or try out these fabulous Recipe for Glitter Balls or monogrammed Hanukkah Cookies.

Write us and let us know what you tried out. We love your feedback!

2010 Holiday Season Trends{DIY IDEAS by Event Pros LA}


 Holiday parties bring together family, friends and co-workers to enjoy good food, great  company and drinks for the holiday cheer.  The tradition of entertaining has not changed, yet the way you entertain has been recreated. Creativity and modern looking spaces are a key factor for the 2010 holiday season. Often we find that the holiday season entertaining is the same old thing year after year. If you are looking for a memorable holiday get together – a party that people will want to come back to year after year, try to stay away from the traditional foil paper décor and move towards a more chic look with  single color families creating a monochromatic, sophisticated look. For this holiday season, the theme should extend into the food and beverage. Try creative drinks and desserts to really wow your guests. Visit the bottom of this blog for trendy and color matching martini recipes for your holiday cheer!


Winter Wonderland 

This trend seems to be the most popular and reoccurring trend that hosts and event planners seem to lean towards this year. If you are going with the clean, white look, it is very easy to transform spaces with a bit of imagination. If you are having a party rather than a sit down dinner, opt for lounge style seating on couches, small high top tables and long and narrow communal tables so you are creating more of a social networking environment for your event. There are many rental companies out there that offer an array of lounge furniture anywhere from curvy plush furniture, to modern boxy furniture to LED furniture and tables that can help create the right look for a Winter Wonderland event. 

 Think of incorporating some fun elements such as silver disco balls which are always fun when used and done correctly. For those who love DIY projects, consider purchasing some silver string curtains or beaded translucent curtains to section off different lounge areas that will give you a great lounge feel and appeal. Try filling centerpieces with many tiny silver balls to give reflective light off the candles that you light. Opt for different size glass cylinders to fill and use some silver candles in others.  You can mix and match silver elements and crystal fillers for a rich look. For a sit down dinner, use clean white square plates with foiled silver runners and silver satin napkins to pull it together. Check out the bottom of the blog for White Chocolate Martini recipes and Mint Chocolate Chip Martini recipes.

Hannukah Winter Wonderland

To transform your Winter Wonderland into a Hanukkah party, this can be done quite simply with lighting. Ambiance is a very important element, and if Hanukkah is your party and you really would like to tie in the blue, use some touches of blue, but sparingly.  Think about using the lighting with a blue color wash to give the room and icy holiday feel which works great with white and silver.

To tie in your holiday theme to food,  go for something fun and consider glittered jelly doughnuts if you are having a Hanukkah party, For centerpieces, you can take the DIY approach and purchase some small wooden dreidels and cover them with silver and light blue glitter to add a slight touch of blue that still works with the chic, modern look.

At the bar, try a white Belvedere Martini at the bar, no need for a full bar if you are creating some signature drinks to go with your color theme. Visit the bottom of the blog for several blue martini recipes including raspberry martini recipes.  

 Gold, Silver and Copper Holiday Trends


Other holiday trends lean toward foiled colors, still staying with the monochromatic look. The popular colors include gold, bronze and silver.  To make a great statement at the dinner table, consider bronze or gold. You can stick with bronze color linens and accents such as candle holders and plate runners for a sit down dinner. If you are inviting two different groups of people to your Thanksgiving dinner and Holiday party, you can even use the same theme twice.

For Thanksgiving consider adding burnt orange accessories and accent such as napkins or even renting burnt orange plates for a more fall/winter look. For your holiday party you can opt for clean white plates, with foiled plate runners and napkins, and beautiful foiled candle cylinders that are available around the holiday season for purchase.

The holiday season  is also a great time to try out these fun glittery colors that you don’t get a chance so much during the year. Craft stores and home decor stores offer many great pieces that normally would not be found throughout the year. Dare a little and go crazy with the gold, but not too much. Have fun with multiple shades of golds and coppers and combine the two if you are not comfortable with monochromatic colors. Try vintage gold, old world, shiny and bright gold accents together to bring a dramatic look for your party. Don’t forget to try out some amazing new cocktails to go along with your theme colors. Check out recipes at the bottom of the blog to go with your color themed holiday event including Gold and Bronze  Martini recipes.

Silver and Bling for Holiday Cheer

Event Pros LA

Silver is one of my favorite colors to work with, although many consider it a “cold” color, I think it’s a color that lends itself well to that crisp, clean, blingy look that I love. For the holiday season there are many great decor ideas that can be incorporated into the table with silver. Try some fun DIY center pieces such as silver tinted pomegranates, blinged out napkin holders, clear chandeliers that can be hung up for the holiday, and classy silver plate runners to give the whole house a holiday spirit.

Yummy Holiday Signature Cocktails

Silver Martini (or cocktail)
2 oz Malibu Rum
2 oz Cupuacu puree
Splash of fresh lime juice
Edible silver powder (available at bakery/cake decorating outlets)
Garnish: Lime wedge

1.Coat bottom of martini glass with silver powder.
2.Combine remaining ingredients into a shaker with ice.
3.Shake well.
4.Strain into silver-coated martini glass. The silver powder should float to the top.
5.Sprinkle extra powder to deepen color.
6.Garnish with lime wedge

Gold Martini (can also be a regular cocktail)
•2 1/2 oz Stolichnaya Elit vodka
•1 1/2 oz Malibu Coconut Rum
•1 tsp shredded coconut
•Garnish: Coconut flakes
•Edible gold powder (available at bakery/cake decorating outlets)

1.Coat bottom of martini glass with gold powder.
2.Combine remaining ingredients into a shaker with ice.
3.Shake well.
4.Strain into gold-coated martini glass. The gold powder should float to the top.
5.Sprinkle extra powder to deepen color.
6.Garnish with coconut flakes.

Bronze Martini
1 1/2 oz Kahlua
2 oz Monte Cristo 12-year
1/2 oz Grand Marnier
Edible bronze powder (available at bakery/cake decorating outlets)
Garnish: Coffee beans
1.Coat bottom of martini glass with bronze powder.
2.Combine remaining ingredients into a shaker with ice.
3.Shake well.
4.Strain into bronze-coated martini glass. The bronze powder should float to the top.

White Chocolate Martini 

2 parts Vodka                                                                                                                                                                                                                    1 part Godiva White Chocolate Liquor

 Mint Chocolate Chip Martini

1 oz. Belvedere Vodka                                                                                                                                                                                               1/4 oz. Godiva Chocolate Liqueur
1/2 oz. White Creme de Menthe
1/4 oz. Bailey’s Irish Cream

Sprinkle extra powder to Garnish Options for all  Chocolate Martinis with
White  Chocolate Shavings , White Hershey’s Kisses or chocolate mint cookie

Blue Martinis

(Light Blue Martini Recipe) Blue Raspberry Martini

two ounces vodka

two ounces raspberry liquor

twist of Curacao.

Shake them together in an ice filled cocktail shaker and strain into a martini glass.

 Garnish with fresh raspberries.

Back To Nature – Saddle Rock Ranch Outdoor Weddings

Always looking for fabulous wedding locations for wedding receptions and ceremonies, I have to say that one of Event Pros LA’s venues is Saddle Rock Ranch in Malibu. It has all the perfect elements that one could ask for. Beautiful views, the outdoors surrounding you, vinyards and animals roaming (camels, zebras, horses and more), and multiple locations for a bride and groom to choose from.

One of my clients rescently described to me what her dream outdoors wedding and outdoors reception would look like.  “A garden setting in nature with lush breathtaking views.” Right away I thought of Saddle Rock Ranch.  What I love most about this amazing outdoors wedding is the smaller site on the property, Chateau Le Dome which is located on a hilltop  in the middle of the vineyards. The Chateau is an octagonal stone house, set on a manicured lawn large enough for a ceremony and reception.From this vantage, there is a  panoramic view of the surrounding vineyards, hilltops and just overall an amazing view. The winding trail to the edge of the ceremony lawn  is entwined with grapevines and white roses. Makes you want to sell your house and move there forever!

Also a must…check out  Real Wedding: Lauren + Jeff’s Whimsical Fun Wedding at Saddle Rock Ranch  from one of my favorite blogs  Green Wedding Shoes

Something Blue {An Inspiration Board by Event Pros}

Years ago, brides were using small sashes and ribbons to accent their whole white wedding which was thought of as unique and creative. Today, brides are using an array of hues to cover every inch of their wedding, to bring out their personality in their decor, flowers, dresses and shoes.

For the past several seasons, brides have been wearing blue shoes and really getting creative with blue details throughout their wedding reception. Below is an inspiration board by Event Pros LA to help our brides that love the color blue and want some fabulous ideas for their upcoming wedding.

Some of our favorite weddings have been incorporating blue details such as chair cover sashes, blue shade glass cylinders in the middle of the table to give your blue wedding different blue hues and accents. Another fun idea to incorporate blue into your special day is through your bridesmaids. Why not find a stunning blue dress to accent the wedding. It can really make a bold statement!

Purple Weddings – {Inspiration Board By Event Pros LA}

Sweet Addictions – Vintage Confections

I have to confess, I have a sweet tooth. I can control many things in my life, but my sweet tooth, well — it’s actually a monster that sometimes is in hibernation mode, but usually it takes over. Having said that, I am big on adding sweet tables, candy bars, and sweets to any and every event!

One of my favorite finds is Vintage Confections, a small company that makes vintage candy anything from hard candy lollipops and neat shapes such as the oh so popular mustache lollipop, to Rosemary Marshmallows and of course to die for truffles.

Orders are prepared with a 7-10 business day turnaround. Confections are prepared in very small batches and a very time consuming process, but for sure worth the wait. I tell you this first hand from the last wedding Event Pros had an array of lollipops for all the guests!

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