It’s All About the Shoes {Top 5 Wedding Shoe Trends by Event Pros LA}


As Carrie Bradshaw once said on Sex and the City ““It’s really hard to walk in a single woman’s shoes — that’s why you sometimes need really special shoes!”.

 Having said that, I am big on fun wedding trends one to votes for fun, colorful, out of the ordinary shoes for weddings. It ads that extra sassy,  fun feel to your wedding and really puts the “you” touch on your day. One thing for sure, your photographer will appreciate the great photo opportunities for sure.

Below are the top 5 wedding shoes trends by Event Pros LA.

Wedding Shoe Trend #1 :: Bright Heels

Brides have been wearing blue colored shoes for several seasons now as their “something blue.” The current hot trend is go further and choose bright colors such as hot pink, yellow, orange, aqua and red to add some flare under all that white toule.


day of event coordinator Los Angeles


Wedding Shoe Trend #2 :: Sandals


As destination weddings such as Mexico, Hawaii, Fiji and the Bahamas  become more popular, many brides will take their vows on a sandy beach. Have you ever tried wearing your expensive stiletto heels on the beach? Yeah, it’s not a pretty site and quite impossible. For brides not wanting to walk barefoot, unique sandals with colored stones and embellishments make a great alternative and allow you to indulge in the perfect shoe.

Wedding Shoe Trend #3 :: Vintage Style

As old has become the new “new” for wedding trends along with vintage weddings,  so have vintage shoes and vintage-inspired shoes.  Walking down the aisle in vintage dresses is great, but in order to carry off this classy look, most modern styles just won’t work. 

Wedding Shoe Trend #4 :: Designer Shoes


Why dream when you can have? What better time to splurge on a pair of designer shoes than on the most memorable day of your life? Many brides are looking to top designers when shopping for their wedding shoes. Your shoes will be photographed so many times on your wedding day, it’s worth it to find a pair worth showing off. And, you’ll have a fantastic pair of shoes to wear after the wedding as well.

 Wedding Shoe Trend #5 :: Embellished Shoes


Another popular wedding trend this season is embellished shoes. Anything from feathers, jewels and flowers that are spunky are still sassy and classy. Show off those awesome shoes down the aisle. These are shoes that you will for sure wear after your wedding day.

  Photo Credits:  Emin Kuliyev, Christi Nelson, Jill Gordon,Jacquelyn Phillips


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