My Funny Valentine

pink weddings, hot pink weddings

Yes, I know. Many of us are jaded by the red and pink cut-out, heart shaped-everything holiday. In resent years someone tried to pass off  Valentine’s as the official  “Hallmark” holiday which almost worked. Yet, there are those who still have the love bug and February is a month filled with pink and red inspired ideas floating in their minds. I am one of those hopelessly romantics who loves love and am truly driven and inspired by it daily. February is not only a great time to get married, it opens amazing color palettes and design ideas for weddings. Get Inspired. Be Fabulous. Be In Love. Happy Valentine’s Day

pink weddings, valentine's wedding

red vintage wedding

red weddings, valentine's wedding

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Perfection: Pink & Chocolate

valentines day

I checked the calendar last night and realized, OMG! Valentine’s Day is only two weeks away!

Although this holiday always seems to sneak up on me, I do love the frilly romance and oh ya. The chocolate that defines it. So, let the color inspiration, crafting ideas and indulgent dessert recipes begin!

Thanks to Camile Styles, we have an amazing ispiration board to start off some fun V-Day ideas.”Today’s board is more about rich, dark chocolate than sugary candy hearts; a lush bunch of peonies on the table for a sophisticated candlelit dinner at home. I love the contrast of girly pink set against a moody dark background…rather sexy, no? Stay tuned for lots more Valentine’s planning ideas over the next couple of weeks.” Be Insprired. Stay Fabulous.

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