• I drink my coffee with no sugar and enjoy it
  • I love my MacBook Pro and don’t understand how I was ever a PC kind of girl

  • I am in denial about my addiction to Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest

  • I’m a little bit scared all the time, which makes me think I am doing something right.
  • I have zero willpower when it comes to lemon bars

  • I love my two daughters more then life itself.
  • I’m scared of snakes and bugs. If I were to be on a reality show like Survivor I would lose.
  • I love sunsets and will photograph while driving on the freeway if it’s a good one

  • I try to live a carb-free life, which usually lasts about a week.
  • I think my husband thinks I am a magician. He thinks there is nothing I can’t do.

  • I love finding new applications for iPhone photography. They make me happy

  • I sleep on a very squishy flat pillow

  • I volunteer because there is not enough human kindness around
  • I scar easily and it takes at least a year to really go away. Really.

I never find anything good on sale. I always pay full price.

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