Thirsty Thursdays :: Hello Jell-O!

Looking for some fun, simple and sexy ideas for your upcoming summer party or even wedding? We found just the thing for you. Can you say He-llo to Je-llo? Thanks to our friends @simplesolutions we found all that you can ask for and more.

*simple solutions

Cosmo Jello Shot :: Instructions

Cucumber Lime Margarita Jello Shot :: Instructions

Pear Melon Martini Jello Shot (aka Lucky-Tini) :: Instructions

Ocean Margarita Jello Shot :: Instructions

Butterbeer Jello Shot :: Instructions

Polyjuice Potion Jello Shot :: Instructions

Jello shots at a wedding?? You must think we are outside our minds, but these gourmet jello shots are actually turning into a huge trend this year! Dare to be different and serve these playful cocktails as your signature drink at your outdoor wedding! Check out more jello shot ideas HERE!

P.S. :: Jello shots can be made the night before your event, but don’t cut or unmold them until about an hour before serving! Also, since they are prone to welting in a buffet setting (and will probably be sitting out for more than 20 minutes), just add 1/2 to a full envelope of gelatin to the recipe to prevent welting!

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