Would You Go  Glamping for Your Honeymoon? 

Courtesy of David Tutera

As I was packing for my family camping trip this weekend, all of a sudden the thought crossed my mind. Where do avid campers and outdoorsy couples enjoy their honeymoon? Surely the posh hotels in Hawaii, Caribians and Mexico are not exactly their top choice. I looked to the man after my own heart — David Tutera to see his thoughts on this. Surely this has crossed his mind somewhere between one or two My Fair Wedding episodes Right? Of course it did. So thanks to David Tutera, I went galavanting around and realized the Glamping —  glamerous camping is the only way to go for the ultimate honeymoon.

GLAMPING, the new term being used for upscale — or glamorous — camping, is one of the fastest growing trends in the eco-luxe hospitality industry. Such campgrounds can be found worldwide – you just need to pick the destination. If you thought the tent in the middle of the dessert in Sex In the City can only be in the movies – well, think again. Even in the dessert Glamping is available to you.

Don’t be surprised if you spot a tiger at the Ranthamabore National Park in Rajasthan, India. Seeing some of the best wildlife on earth is one of the reasons you visit India’s renowned refuge and its luxury tent property Khem Villas. (top image) It is also wildly romantic, with a plunge pool, tents with outdoor showers and a nightly campfire for all the guests.

Courtesy of Redtail Resort Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Courtesy of Green Wedding Shoes. Blackfoot Resort

 Stay Fabulous. Be Inspired. 

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