RANDOM FRIDAY {La La Lemon Bars}

The debate of vanilla vs chocolate has been going on for years and I personally don’t see an answer to the debate on the horizon. To me it seems like a black vs. white, but what about the gray area in the middle?

I’m proud to admit it, but I am truly a lemon bar snob. Well, maybe snob is a bit hash, but my preferences and standards when it comes to lemon bars are quite high.  I love delicate, buttery curst with a “snap” to it. The top crust must be perfectly balanced so its not more than half of the overall height of the lemon bar, otherwise its to crisp and it becomes a cookie.  If it’s thiner, I end up with a messy gummy mess of an underdone crust.

Rather than a milky cream – like lemon bar, I prefer that the lemon flavor is dominant and tart enough to make my mouth pucker a teeny bit, but not too much. I am sure that there are those who prefer the creamy milky type. They too deserve to be in the dessert kingdom, but  for me, I love that tart yellow ones.  I prefer my lemon bars dusted with confectioner’s sugar but not so much that when you pick it up for a bite the sugar falls all over the table (or your neighbor).

I can stay away from many types of sweets for the sake of eating healthy and not falling off the “diet wagon,” but put a lemon bar in front of me, and all my willpower is gone. Very similar to the effect cryptonite had on Superman.

I’ve tasted many lemon bars in my lifetime and have narrowed down the best L.A eateries and bakeries that have the “it” lemon bar.

Sweet Lady Jane
8360 Melrose Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90069 
La Mousse Desserts
11162 La Grade Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90025
Euro Pane Bakery
950 E Colorado Blvd
Pasadena, CA 91106
Hotcakes Bakes
4119 S Centinela Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90066
 Joan’s on 3rd Street
8350 W 3rd St
Los Angeles, California 90048
SusieCakes Bakery
23653 Calabasas Rd
Calabasas, CA 91302

One thought on “RANDOM FRIDAY {La La Lemon Bars}

  1. Yes – Sweet Lady Janes (also for their Orange Scones – but I don’t know if they make those anymore. Simply the best scone maybe in the world…) And, Euro Pane’s lemon bars are simply unbelievably yum yum yum.

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