RAMDOM FRIDAY – {Before I Die}


A few years back I adopted a habbit of “screaming” at a Journal that I keep rather than spewing out all my dislikes, opinions and thoughts to the world which I believe made me sound like a big complainer to state mildly.

Over the years it has made me a much calmer person for one and dramatically improved my writing skills. But that wasn’t the point. What truly was fascinating was how slowly my “journal screaming” turned into literary thoughts of what I want with my life and how I view things, and what I want to accomplish. It has helped me with keeping focused and reaching many goals. I came across this photo by Design Love Fest which I thought was perfect.

Apparently, someone with a great vision decided to paint a wall with “Before I die…” and handed people chalk to fill in the blanks. It became a public journal for all. I wish I could have been there. I would have had a whole wall to fill. I am proud to say that the first line item on the bucket list of the world, “Go to Israel” I’ve completed many times.

Happy Random Friday. Now go write in your journal.


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