Something New, Something Green – Eco-Friendly Wedding Ideas

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By now it is apparent to most of the human race that anything-eco-friendly  has become a major part of the fabric of the American way, including weddings. The trend has increased and more and more couples taking steps to incorporate eco-friendly ideas into their ceremonies and receptions.

Going with an eco-inspired wedding can mean bringing the outside in. Choosing  to using things like branches, greenery, grasswheat, stones, seashells or leaves as wedding décor is the way to go.

 These options are economical and simple not to mention biodegradable! When using this type of decor, as a couple you are making a statement to your guests that will for sure stay in their memory as part of your wedding.

green weddings, eco-friendly wedding ideas, green theme inspiration, wedding ideas

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 Wheatgrass Anyone?



2 thoughts on “Something New, Something Green – Eco-Friendly Wedding Ideas

  1. My latest post concentrates on the actual engagement, but I hope to have a post about weddings too! I aimed to show that even the engagement (and planning) can be eco-friendly. Take a look!

    • Very nice article… Thanks for the comment and good luck with the green planning… it’s super fun. I’ll post a blog about my green wedding shortly so take a look for some ideas!

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